343 East Center Street
Petersburg, MI 49270
Pastor Mark S. Flory
Tel. (734) 279-1949

King’s Kids Preschool

King's Kids Christian Preschool is a Christ-centered learning program, designed to enhance the natural abilities and talents of its students.

Growth and development will be encouraged in art, math, science, language/reading readiness, music and movement, dramatic play, social studies and social awareness.

It is our belief that an early education experience, combined with Christianity, will provide a child with added richness. Children will be able to explore the world around them through first-hand experiences and developmentally appropriate lessons and materials.

A balance of teacher-directed and child-directed activities are included to reinforce, enrich and challenge each child's individual skills in a safe environment where children are respected as individuals.

Tuition is $65 for the 2-day program, $75 for the 3-Day program, and $115 for the 5-day program. For more information, please contact Michelle Salkeld at 1-419-980-4396.